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I’ve always been into arts and crafts. When I was a kid I had basement full of polymer clay creatures; as a theatre student I loved making 1/2” scale scenic models; and for years I have sent handmade holiday cards to my loved ones. I’ve always enjoyed sending mail — as my pen pals know, while I’m not prompt about writing back, I love sending or receiving a good letter, card, or care package.

I am interested in communications, interactivity, and the relationship between the natural and unnatural. Taking various shapes and forms, my work uses color, pattern, and text, various artistic mediums, and found objects to explore these themes. 

I’m Brídín; founder, maker, greeting card lover.

In 2018, my passions for paper crafts and letter-writing came together when I launched in great haste and started selling my handmade greeting cards. My cards have been found on Etsy, at Grand Bazaar and the Harlem Makers Collective in New York, and Lone Wolf Designs in Mariposa, California

In 2022, my partner Will and I moved to Abu Dhabi where I am Arts Instructor of Stage & Project Management in the Arts & Humanities Division at NYU Abu Dhabi. Together, we offer pop-up paper dyeing and greeting card making workshops around Abu Dhabi and the UAE. We are thrilled to be getting familiar with the creative scene in the UAE and am eager to keep making.

I’m Will; designer, imaginer, all around handyman.

Throughout my life, I have pursued and explored the arts through many different mediums. I grew up in the US state of Alabama and was always encouraged to explore art as a tool for self-discovery and expression. As a teenager, I dreamed of making films, which eventually lead me to focus on theatre production and design, which became my adult profession. Through my training at the University of Alabama, and New York University, I grew into a confident artist, who strives to challenge myself with each project. I intend to be a lifelong learner and to always search for new ways to express myself through art.

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I believe that all things in this world are connected, and art allows us to explore those connections while expressing our place in the universe. My work has always been drawn to and inspired by vivid color, with lighting as a focus for my art and expression. I’ve had the opportunity to learn fine arts from many acclaimed professionals and to look at the world through the lens of an artist. Much of my career has been working as a lighting designer for theatre and live events in the US. My creative work has been heavily influenced by sacred geometry frequently found in Eastern art, as well as by indigenous art from the American Southwest. 

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